Tackling Peer Pressure

peer pressure

Have you ever been forced to say or do something that deep in you heart did not want to say or do? I guess I am not the only one. Peer pressure can be positive or negative, when it comes to children, especially teenagers the latter option tends to be the norm. So how to face it?

Let me share with you a law in Physics that states the following: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So how can I illustrate this idea?

Here are my five tips, they mostly apply to children living in big cities, such as London, which is where I live.

  1. Don not seat on the upper deck at the back of the bus. This is the favourite spot for the rowdy children.
  2. During lessons, do not seat at the back of the classroom, tends to be the favourite spot for time wasters.
  3. Bring your own pack lunch from home, for this one, you need your mum on board. If she can cook, you should not have anything to worry about. However, if she can not cook, get on YouTube to learn your favourite pack lunch ideas. Amongst young people it is very trendy to eat take aways, and unfortunately they are readily available and quite cheap. So the choice is yours, just remember that major altercations tend to happen in Takeaway shops.
  4. Alcohol and Drug initiation ceremony. Ask yourself this question, will I be able to stop once that I try? Be honest to yourself, if the answer is no, do not do it. If you decide to go the opposite way just look at how many alcoholics and drug addicts in places such as Lewisham, Croydon and Brixton. They started somewhere. Do not let it be you.
  5. Do not carry parcels for anyone. I know of a guy that spent a year in jail for being the delivery person. You never know what could be inside that parcel.

I hope that I have directed you in the agreeable path, just remember that the basic rule is to do the opposite of what the group does. This challenge will really build your character and leadership skills. Be fearless, be awesome, be YOU!

Author: rbitata

I am an educator with ten years experience working in inner city schools. I am a language specialist teacher, and I am passionate about motivation,inspiring the community, specially parents and teachers. I love cooking, and I enjoy watching YouTube channels that can inspire my vegan/raw lifestyle.

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