Why Private Education Is Booming In China?


I have been teaching for few years now, I have done a lot of supply teaching. I have taught in state schools and independent schools, and I always feel a more relaxed learning atmosphere in  independent school settings.

I can remember this particular school in Dulwich, whenever I went there, children would be taken out of class to do one to one music with a specialist teacher. Everything seemed to run smoothly, there was no hurry to race to the next lesson, children were allowed to work at their own pace, while the teacher would supervise the whole class. The learning environment was calm and children work independently on their task. Behaviour management  was minimum, just the usual, “stop talking and get on with your work”; nothing major.

I am not saying that independent schools are better, however they do believe in more progressive approaches.State schools do not place creativity as the pivot for children’s emotional and social wellbeing, as well as academic progress. I believe that creative thinking comes from allowing children to enjoy hands on learning experiences, where their creativity is allowed to flow in the fields of music, drama & art. This is what is lacking in state schools these days, emphasis on assessments and examination is driving creativity out of many classrooms.

The UK, is not an exception, China is facing greater levels of exam psychosis, which is driving well off parents to look for an alternative within private education. They fear, among other things, that their child is not able to have a proper relationship with the teacher, as communication between both, it is not encouraged. Also, they believe that private education is opening doors that can lead towards studying abroad or having better job prospects.

This is a really interesting article that I found on the BBC. Read more

Private Education Booming In China

by Rijole Bitata



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