10 Quotes from Malcolm X on Education


Malcom X was born on the 19th May 1925, he was the fourth of seven children and became an orphan at the age of 6. When his mother was sectioned, he ended up going from foster home to foster home; things did not get any better for him, as he fell into a life of crime until he  was sent to jail. It was during this period of involuntary seclusion that he was introduced to the teachings of the Nation Islam. He transformed himself into a very successful student and influential figure during the civil rights. 

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10 Inspiring STEAM Quotes For Children

Imagine – Invent – Inspire


Adults tend to look for inspiration in books, movies, personal stories and friends; but where do children go for inspiration? Children find inspiration in schools, through friends and at home. So how do you keep an inspiring household for your upcoming scientist, artist, architect, mathematician?

On this blog I want to share with you  ten quotes that can inspire your child to keep those big dreams alive and stay on the journey of thinking big.

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British Science Week (11th to 20th March) is round the corner, and we want to wow children and young people

On this blog I want to share with you what we (The ATL Learning Centre) did last year during BSW2015; as you probably know we are crowdfunding to engage local children with Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts & Mathematics through workshops, presentations, excursions and events. British Science Week (11th to 20th March) is round the corner, and we want to wow children and young people in the area of Deptford (Lewisham) during this time.

I am not a person of many words, so I will allow physical evidence to do the talking, click the link below to watch clips  from last year’s event.

British Science Week 2015

#From Dreamers To Innovators


By Rijole Bitata

Founder and Director

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