10 Inspiring STEAM Quotes For Children

Imagine – Invent – Inspire


Adults tend to look for inspiration in books, movies, personal stories and friends; but where do children go for inspiration? Children find inspiration in schools, through friends and at home. So how do you keep an inspiring household for your upcoming scientist, artist, architect, mathematician?

On this blog I want to share with you  ten quotes that can inspire your child to keep those big dreams alive and stay on the journey of thinking big.

mIstakeareproofimaginationdreambigtryharder   imagineneversayIcan'tI trustQuote-Try-one-more-timetrysomethingnewimagine

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Author: rbitata

I am an educator with ten years experience working in inner city schools. I am a language specialist teacher, and I am passionate about motivation,inspiring the community, specially parents and teachers. I love cooking, and I enjoy watching YouTube channels that can inspire my vegan/raw lifestyle.

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